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May 31, 2010 · Crank magnetism #1 by endless psych » May 31, 2010 10:02 am Currently printing off the Munro ”Scientific impotence” paper as reccomended by Lazar in another thread (somewhere) and wondered if anyone had any other reccomendations for papers or articles that deal with the psychology of cranks and what they believe and the proposed mechanisms for this.

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The slightly biased (and misnamed) website rational wiki begins its definition of ”crank magnetism” with a joke: ”A sovereign citizen , a creationist , an anti-vaxxer , and a conspiracy theorist walk into a bar.

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Mar 27, 2013 · Crank Magnetism. Discussion in ’General Debates’ started by Meow Mix, Mar 27, 2013.

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Agenda 21 and crank magnetism By Alison Campbell • 08/10/2018 • 9 This post was syndicated from BioBlog – View original source What with WAVES, and anti-1080 groups, and Rethink Fluoride (which, like FFNZ, opposes water fluoridation), there’s quite a lot of ‘alternative’ activity online these days.


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Basically, this corollary states that, as a consequence of crank magnetism, when one kook or group of kooks are perceived as having been ”vindicated,” then all kooks will view it as vindication.

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Crank magnetism is the tendency of someone attracted to one crank idea to be attracted to more. Ian Plimer, already notable for his acceptance of the iron Sun theory and the volcanoes emit more CO 2 than humans theory has now been revealed as believing (like Christopher Booker ) …


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Nov 18, 2014 · Our group of 5, all with Tac’s in the last two weeks have had the magnet that is in the crank handle come out. What happens is that the glue holding it releases and the magnet turns sideways in the crank. When re inserting the crank to cock or decock the Tac, the handle is not secure and is only holding on by a small portion of the crank.

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The magnet radiates a steady magnetic field. When the crankshaft spins, the steel pins are rotated in the magnetic field. This results in fluctuations in the magnetic field. This yields an alternating current (AC) signal, which the engine management unit (EMU) uses to calculate the speed of rotation. The EMU is a type of engine computer.

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Magnoflux tunnels within an electric universe 2003 Dec 15 electromagnetism . aether To support light in space, it must be assumed that the in between volume of space contains electrostatic force fields and magnoflux magnetic fields that once tunneled, will allow the transmission of …

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Sep 20, 2013 · I invented this engine mechanism machine entirely magnets! A machine that works with a huge magnetic force, a linear movement, crankshaft connected, simulates magnetic piston This machine will be

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Oct 17, 2012 · Here a crank is passed through a magnetic field on a particle inspection station. Regardless of which crank you choose to use during a customer’s engine rebuild or fresh build (used OE or new aftermarket), take the time to inspect the crankshaft. In the case of a new crankshaft, check for dimensions and runout.

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Crank Magnet. 32 likes. Crank Magnet is a solo project. I’ve been slowly recording demos and working on material for a few years.

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Late model crank telephone magneto. These put out a lot of juice for such a small Mag. Great for replacing your missing telephone magneto or for those other projects that require a hand crank generator. These will generate about 80 – 120 volts at AC current.

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Mount these stealth magnets on your crank for a sleek and unseen solution to your cadence magnet. Works for all cadence and cycle computers requiring a magnet mounted on the crank. If …

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