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Celebrating with a Finnish Twist. On the other hand, precisely because of winter many of the country’s major celebrations and traditions occur during this season. Winter celebrations within Finland’s annual cycle include Saint Lucia’s Day and Shrove Sunday, which in Finland is celebrated on a Tuesday. These celebrations have strong roots in Finnish culture.

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Finnish Wedding Traditions. In Finland, a traditional bride-to-be walks door-to-door with a pillowcase, to receive her wedding presents. An older, married man walks with her, holding an umbrella or parasol to cover her. This pre-wedding tradition a symbol of protection and shelter for the new bride.

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Traditional Finnish Christmas. On Christmas Eve, families eat before Santa Claus’ arrival. The meal is traditionally composed of ham, escalloped potatoes, salmon, rice porridge, and sometimes turkey. After dining, families often visit the cemetery to light candles in order to remember the deceased.

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Mar 22, 2017 · Easter in Finland is filled with witches, fun traditions and flavours Cover photo by Visit Finland Easter in Finland is an exciting mix of flavours, history and traditions.

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The Finnish Sauna Tradition. In ancient times, the sauna in Finland was linked to spiritual and religious ceremonies and healing. Not dissimilar to the church for the Christians, the sauna meant a quiet, peaceful place and a clean and warm haven.

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Sep 18, 2017 · FITCHBURG — It has always been among the goals of the Finnish Center at Saima Park to pass on traditions tracing back to Finland, ensuring that they’ll live on.

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Traditions Finland. ”Nature Spirits” and ”Strength of Earth” – two importantconcepts, which for centuries formed the basis of the Finnish culture. Residents of the country Suomi not represent itself without its vast plains, hills, thousands of lakes and rivers. Traditions Finland involved in the ancient pagan beliefs and customs of the peoples

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Most Finns have a tradition of going to sauna to bathe and relax before attending the celebrations of the evening. Warming up the sauna on Christmas is an ancient custom in Finland. Among the rural folk, it was believed that the spirits of dead ancestors came to bathe in sauna after sunset.

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Finland is a parliamentary republic and has been a member of the European Union since 1995. It was a founding member of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) and adopted the Euro as its currency in 2002. There are two official languages in Finland: Finnish and Swedish. Finnish is spoken by the vast majority of Finns, 92 %.

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A modern Finnish sauna. The Finnish sauna is a substantial part of Finnish culture. There are five million inhabitants and over three million saunas in Finland – an average of one per household. For Finnish people the sauna is a place to relax with friends and family, and a place for physical and mental relaxation as well.

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Folk customs and traditions are thoroughly kept in Finland. Finns handed down them from generation to generation and faithfully true to them. Originality, loyalty to national cultural values, respect for their historical past are the inherent features of Finnish character and way of life.

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Yesterday we had the day of Nuutti in Finland (13th of January). You know Nuutti, the bad guy, who takes away the Christmas according to Finnish proverb. So when saying godbye to Christmas I once again went thorugh the Christmas traditions and merry Christmas time in my head. And a tradition, that means lot to my family came to my mind.

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Finnish Easter is a big holiday, but not necessary that religious as it originally was. In this occasion, Finns mix pagan traditions with family time and some religious aspects. It is certainly a long weekend which cuts the spring nicely in half. Many families head for their cabin or ski resorts. The Finnish …

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42 Traditional Finnish Foods That You Desperately Need In Your Life. BRB, booking tickets to Helsinki.

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