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Biography. Peter von Bagh is a famous people who is best known as a Film Director. Peter was born on August 29, 1943 in . Peter von Bagh is a member of famous Film Director list.

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Kari Peter Conrad von Bagh (29 August 1943 – 17 September 2014) was a Finnish film historian and director. Von Bagh worked as the head of the Finnish Film Archive.He was the editor-in-chief of Filmihullu magazine and co-founder and director of the Midnight Sun Film Festival.Since 2001, he had been the artistic director of the film festival Il Cinema Ritrovato in Bologna.

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The late director and cinephile Peter von Bagh was a cultural institution in his native Finland but his work remains unjustly neglected abroad. See also Peter von Bagh forever: Neil McGlone remembers the Finnish film historian, director and festival impresario, 29 August 1943-17 September 2014. That

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May 19, 2015 · Peter von Bagh is a Finnish film historian, author, television and radio director and producer, book publisher, and film director. From 1970 to 1985, he was curator and program director of the Finnish Film Archive. Since 1971, he has been the editor in chief of Filmihullumagazine.

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May 29, 2012 · An unexpected gift arrives in the mail: a subtitled preview of Peter von Bagh’s fabulous and rather Markeresque documentary (2008)—a lovely city symphony which is also a history of Helsinki (and incidentally, Finland, Finnish cinema, and Finnish pop music) recounted with film clips and paintings by three voices (two male, one of them von

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Biography. Peter von Bagh is a film historian, author of more than 20 books (including The History of World Cinema, 1975); television and radio director for all his life; a book publisher (more than 100 books from Balzac to Eisenstein, Bazin, Langlois, Fellini); a film film director (with a speciality to compilation films, the latest being ’The Blue Song’, a 12 hour series about the history of

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Peter Von Bagh The Finnish artistic director of Bologna’s rediscovered-cinema festival said cinephilia is now driven partly by home entertainment producers, filling the gap for underfunded archives.

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Peter von Bagh (syntyi 1943 Helsingissä, kuoli 2014 siellä) oli renessanssi-ihminen: elokuvakriitikko ja historioitsija, elokuvaohjaaja ja ohjelmistonsuunnittelija, festivaalijohtaja, päätoimittaja, kirjailija (34 kirjaa, monet isoja), kirjankustantaja ja …

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Peter von Bagh: Shame to say, but I didn’t know in advance what the film would become. I had a need to articulate my life-long interest in socialism, but the angle of the film came only little by little, in montage; as usual, I didn’t have a script.

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Peter von Bagh was one of the cornerstones of festival-hopping, magazine-subscribing film culture, an erudite and prolific historian, writer, curator, filmmaker, and all-around Renaissance man who spent a lifetime sharing his passions—movies, literature, music, Finland—with the wider world. Finnish and Italian news outlets are now confirming an earlier report that von Bagh passed away

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Von Bagh was a stranger back then in Oulu – the older Peter says about his younger self that he’d felt as if in exile… In Muisteja – Pieni elokuva 1950-luvun Oulusta, Peter von Bagh relates some memories of his Oulu childhood – which makes it his first and lone essay in straight-forward autobiography. To be more precise: he uses his

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Jul 08, 2016 · Although modest in scale and production values, the engaging documentary “Peter von Bagh,” helmed by Tapio Piirainen, provides a perfect cinematic requiem for its eponymous subject, the

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Peter von Bagh wirft in seinem Text die Frage auf, ob die Zigarette im Sinne einer politisch korrekten Fernsehausstrahlung aus »alten« Filmen in Zukunft wohl digital getilgt werde. Die Retusche wäre eine bombastische Lüge: Die Filmgeschichte durchzieht der Rauch der Zigarette seit ihren Anfängen.

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