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The Rauma is a river that runs through Romsdalen, a valley in Møre og Romsdal and Oppland counties in Norway. It runs for 68 kilometres (42 mi) from Lesjaskogsvatnet, a lake in the municipality of Lesja, to the town of Åndalsnes in the municipality of Rauma.

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The area of Old Rauma is about 0.3 km², with approximately six hundred buildings (counting both proper houses and smaller buildings like sheds) and about 800 people living in the area. The town of Rauma expanded outside the Old Rauma proper only in the early 19th century.

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Aug 03, 2017 · Rauma, Finland – Wikipedia Rauma is located between Turku and Pori by the national road 8 . Finnish national road 12 starts from Rauma and it was extended to the port of Rauma in 2008. Category:old Rauma – Wikimedia Commons Media in category ”Old Rauma” The following 137 files are in this category, out of 137 total.

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It is the predecessor of the Hamina-class missile boats.The ships were constructed at the Hollming yards and Finnyards in Rauma, Finland.All the ships have their home port in Pansio.. All four vessels underwent a 70 million EUR modernization program at the Western Shipyard in Teijo.

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Rauma language (”rauman giäl”) is a dialect of Finnish spoken in the town of Rauma, western Finland.. The written form of the dialect was preserved by the writer and doctor Hj.Nortamo, and is currently practiced mainly as a hobby.Some of the most distinctive characteristics of the dialect (as written) are the use of letters ’g’ and ’b’, which are not common in Finnish language.

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Rauma Marine Constructions was established by private investors with background in the Finnish shipbuilding industry shortly after STX Finland closed the Rauma shipyard in 2014. In December 2015, the company received a major equity investment when the state-owned investment company Finnish Industry Investment became a minor shareholder together with Finnish investment funds managed by …

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Rauma mey refer tae: . Places. Rauma, Finland, a toun an municipality in the Satakunta region o wastren Finland; Rauma, Norawa, a municipality in Møre og Romsdal coonty, Norawa; Rauma (river), a river in the Romsdalen valley in Møre og Romsdal coonty, Norawa Ither. Rauma …

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Rauma kommun – en kommun i Møre og Romsdal fylke i Norge; Rauma – namnet på finska för staden Raumo i landskapet Satakunda i Finland; Rauma-klassens robotbåtar – en fartygsklass bestående av robotbåtar används av den finländska marinen Rauma (robotbåt, 1990) Rauma Oy, mellan 1938 och 1942 namnet på det finländska företaget

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Rauma kommune ligg i Romsdal i Møre og Romsdal fylke og grensar til Norddal i sørvest, Stordal i vest, Vestnes i nordvest, Molde i nord, Nesset i aust og til to kommunar i Oppland, Skjåk i sør og Lesja i søraust. Kommunen vart oppretta i 1964 ved samanslåing av kommunane Grytten, Voll, Eid, Hen og delar av Veøy.. Administrasjonssenteret i kommunen er Åndalsnes.

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Rauma város Finnország nyugati partvidékén, a Satakunta régióban (svédül Raumo). A várost 1442-ben alapították, lakossága 39 836. Rauma egyike a hat középkori finnországi városnak. Raumában két UNESCO világörökségi helyszín található, Rauma óvárosa és Sammallahdenmäki bronzkori temetője.

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Raumo (finska Rauma) är en stad i landskapet Satakunda i Finland, 92 km norr om Åbo och 50 km söder om Björneborg.Raumo har 39 620 invånare och har en …

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Rauma (Finnish) or Raumo (Swedish) is a town in Western Finland.The wooden houses in the center of the old town are a UNESCO World Heritage site.Rauma is the third oldest town in Finland, and currently houses approximately 40,000 inhabitants.

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Rauma (Finnish) or Raumo (Swedish) is a town in Satakunta.The wooden houses in the center of the old town are a UNESCO World Heritage site, as is the Bronze Age burial site Sammallahdenmäki about 20 km east of downtown.Rauma is the third oldest town in …

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